You Have Many Choices For Facial Rejuvenation

Facial aging, in many ways, is very simple clicking here. The reverse is a completely different matter. In my opinion facial aging occurs primarily due to a decrease in facial volume. As we grow older, we begin to lose volume. This is the same process that occurs when a fruit turns from a grape to a raisin. Plastic surgeons can make that grape look like a small raisin. This can lead to the appearance of a “pulled raisin” or a plastic surgery. This is why more and more cosmetic physicians and surgeons want to achieve more volume on their clients. There is a reason why fillers, fat grafting, and other techniques are increasing in popularity.

What are the alternatives? What are my options? The blepharoplasty procedure involves the removal of extra skin on your upper eyelid. Or, it could involve removing a small amount skin from lower eyelids and some fat. A browlift can help you lift your eyebrows if they are droopy. You can decide if you want an eyelift or to raise your eyebrows by measuring the distance between the edge of the eyelid and bottom of the brow. This distance should roughly be one iris wide. It is based upon my theory of beauty, the Circles of Prominence. According to literature, you should aim for a distance of 2.5cm or less between the edge of your eyelids and your eyebrows. Ultimately, computer imaging can be used to determine where to place your eyebrows.

Most surgeons recommend a facial facelift to improve the appearance of your face. A facelift can tighten the muscles and pull back the underlying tissues to make your face look tighter. The folds that are around your lips will be softened. These folds, which are above your lips and around your mouth called nasolabialfolds and marionettelines below your lips around mouth, will soften. These folds do soften with facelifts, but don’t disappear. Facelifts improve these folds to some degree, but many people want more. To me, I believe that the best method to improve folds around the lip is by volumizing. I volumize with fat. I believe that the face can benefit from facelifting when there are a large amount of skin and other tissue which can be removed. But if you want to keep the same face size, volumeizing is important.

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