Why do we have to spend so much money on expensive BBQ Grills?

Manufacturers of BBQ grills don’t create gas or charcoal grills with a stunning curb appeal – get the facts. What’s the point when that’s pretty much all they have to offer other than the low BBQ grill price. Your curb appeal is great, but you should lift the lid to view the important parts, such as the cooking grids, the burners and the device between the grids and the burners. Also, take a look at what’s inside the barbecue’s interior. A majority of gas grills, even less expensive ones, come with a decent set of cooking grids that are made of stainless or cast iron but be sure to avoid ceramic grids as the porcelain coating eventually fade and cause begin to rust.

Grids made of cast iron need to be seasoned and oiled more often than other grids. However they retain heat and can sear meats faster than any other. The stainless steel grid is the most robust and durable, as well as easy to keep clean while leaving beautiful sear marks. The burners are the most essential part of a BBQ so bring a magnet along to determine if the burners are made of steel. A magnet must adhere to the burner but don’t expect it to last longer than one season. They will rust quickly because of heat, salts and grease.

Some cast iron burners are okay if they’re made from high quality iron but the burner ports are still required to be cleaned out every so often because cast iron will develop rust, which causes the port to prevent gas from entering the port leading to lower temperatures and hot spots on the grilling surface. The majority of BBQ grills employ stainless steel tube burners. They are able to last for 7 to 10 years if constructed with high-end 304 stainless. The most reliable is a casting stainless steel burner that is found inside Fire Magic Grills and a few other brands.

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