What’s in the Interior of Flagpole Ball?

This age-old question is: What’s inside a flagpoleball? There is nothing. The flagpole ball is decorative. Two curved pieces of aluminum are made up the flagpoleball. They have been welded together. These two pieces are connected to a 1/2″ threaded metal rod that allows for the flagpole to be inserted. The ball is also known as a truck. However, finial would be the correct terminology. The truck houses the pulley systems. Attaching the ball to the truck prevents water from getting into hollow flagpoles. Most trucks have threaded holes to allow for get the facts ball’s installation.

Urban legends claim that symbolic objects are found in the ball to protect our nation’s flag against invaders. These stories and the contents of the balls can be varied.

Most items claimed to have been in the ball include a knife, a match and an object. This is when the military unit is decimated. In such a situation, the last soldier would remove the flag from the ground and then cut it into small pieces. In most cases, the gun that fires bullets is hidden beneath the flagpole.

There are many variations on this simple story. A popular variant is to use the razor for removing flags from your halyard. A second variation is to use your bullet as a defense weapon, rather than using it to kill yourself.

Additional items may be hidden in some cases alongside the original items. Depending on the model, an additional item might be a rice grain (or a wheat seed). The rice is used as fuel to help soldiers defend the flag. The wheat is intended to be used to build food supplies in case the soldier wins. In the event of victory, you will need a needle, thread, as well as a tool to replace or repair the flag. Another item was a pencil to writ.

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