What to look for when purchasing a Combi Oven, in 5 simple steps

A combination stove is among the most expensive items that a cook will ever purchase continue reading. If you want to achieve the best results, then you need to invest wisely. Before you invest, consider these six things:

Some of these features are a machine which can be programmed with pre-set dishes and units that “clean” themselves. Manufacturers of Combi Ovens can advise you on these features as well as others.

Service: Combination ranges come in both electric and gas. Electric models are mostly powered by three phase electricity. All models create steam and require at least 1 x15mm of supply. Install a drain. Some units have a very low outlet for waste. Other units may require the installation of a air brake or tundish.

To get the best out of your combi oven, you will need accessories. For regen-cooking, there are plate racks available.

* Ventilation. All Combis need to be under an extraction canopy. But if that isn’t an option, there are more modern manufacturers, like Hans Dampf “HoodIn”, who make ovens with built-in ventilation. MKN offers extraction hoods which are factory installed on their products. You can put the oven anywhere in your home.

You can easily access these large and heavy combi ovens with a door. It must fit into your kitchen. Your brand new expensive oven is not something to laugh at if it’s stuck halfway up a two-story staircase.

Last but not least in our six-point guide, we conclude with reliability. MKN Hans Dampf Ovens are frequently installed in marine environments because no one wants 600 workers on an offshore oil rig to be told that their oven won’t work. The Rational oven range is covered by a 2-year guarantee. It is unlikely that the ovens will fail. They are both excellent for value and offer peace of mind.

Nobody expects you to be an expert. You must ensure that the product you deliver is of high quality. Your combi-oven provider is responsible for ensuring that you are equipped with the correct tools. Caterdeal offers a free site visit and consultation if required. Contact them now to receive the best deal on a combi-oven.

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