What Characteristics Make a Good Church Website Great?

As the core of a church website’s brand, a great logo will help communicate the vision and goals of that church in a memorable, consistent and beautiful way. This vision can also be communicated through the church website design – click this link.

The website design of a church serves as its digital “front doors.” Let’s face truth: you probably researched a church online before even visiting it. This is still true today for the vast majority churchgoers. Some churches are now acknowledging that the first interaction they have with their visitors might be online.

The bottom line is that churches should be aware of the way their church is represented online. Many churches are not aware of how their church is represented online. Many church websites are not user-friendly. There is no clear vision. Inadequacy of information Design flaw. The navigation is difficult. It goes on. Too many churches think having a website alone is enough.

While we believe every church should have a website that communicates Jesus Christ’s truths, we also believe that websites can not give a full picture of a church’s spiritual health. While you can listen to sermons online or read articles from the pastors of the church, what matters most is that you are living in a spiritual community with them. Visiting a church’s site does not necessarily mean that you are actively involved in its activities. A church website should aim to engage its users in meaningful interactions with others. Let’s examine some of the qualities that make a good website for churches.

Clear Sight

Appealing Design

Excellent Information Architecture

Motivational Calls to Action

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