Trading on the go: mastering MT4 across multiple devices with FXCM markets

Today, in the age of hyperconnectivity and mobility, being bound to a traditional desk is an outdated concept. Enter FXCM Markets’ mt4, your trading partner who doesn’t only stay at home source. He also goes with you on the road! Whether sipping a latte while waiting at an airport or in your favorite coffee shop, MT4’s web and mobile platforms allow you to stay on top of the markets. Let’s investigate this digital sorcery.

1. Trading Power on the Go with MT4 for Mobile

Download & dive in: Grab MT4 from the app store on your device. Log in with FXCM credentials. Your market is at your fingertips.

Charts Galore: Pinch, zoom, swipe! Engage in real-time charting with interactive features. Add indicators, trend lines or just enjoy the artistic flow of the market.

Order Up! You will never miss an important event with the mobile version. Set your stops losses, take profits and then watch the magic happen.

2. Web Trading – No Downloads – Just Clicks

FXCM provides a web-based version MT4 that allows trading from any computer. FXCM gives you access to the trading platform instantly.

Tools & Toys – The web version doesn’t look like a desktop version. It includes all of the usual MT4 tools: indicators, charting, etc.

Safe & Secure: Trading with a friend’s computer? Public Library? No worries! No traces are left behind when you use the web-based version. Your trading secret is safe!

3. Seamless Synced

Jump from device to device and keep everything synchronized. Start analysing a chart in your mobile app while you’re commuting and complete the trade once you reach home. Magic? FXCM Markets uses MT4 only.

4. Tips for Multi-Device Trading

You should enable notifications for all your devices. You don’t wish to miss a price alert by switching platforms.

Regularly backup your settings. Do it regularly. Never know when you might need to switch your devices.

Update software to get new features and/or security. Stay up-to-date on all devices.

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