The underdog plant with a future of sustainability and wellbeing

Oh, hemp cannabis! The Swiss Army Knife plant kingdom without the small, difficult to operate scissors check this. This green marvel is nothing new. It’s been around for a thousand years. You will not get high. Marijuana can be considered its cousin. Hemp contains more CBD and less THC.

Let’s begin with clothing. You can even wear hemp! They may feel scratchy, yet they are extremely comfortable and durable. Imagine jeans so tough that the technology in your phone will outlast them before they do. What about sails? This plant also gives us “canvas,” the literal “cannabis” word. Sailors were ahead of the curve when they blended hemp with their smoothies.

Hemp seeds can be added to smoothies and many other foods. Omega-3s? Check. Protein? Yep. Just sprinkle some sugar in your breakfast bowl.

Mother Earth benefits too. This plant requires very little–a small amount of water and no pesticides. The plant helps improve soil quality by cleaning contaminated surfaces and removing pesticides.

Since the beginning, hemp had been confused with its psychoactive cousin. In 2018, hemp became legal once more thanks to new laws. There are many new hemp products on the market, from packaging to eco friendly health supplements.

This is where things begin to get bumpy. Hemp doesn’t suit the timid. The market prices can be as volatile and unpredictable as a kitten on an aluminum-coated roof. Hemp is also viewed negatively by some people.

Innovation hasn’t been placed on the back burner. Scientists are working on creating strains higher in CBD or fiber while other researchers work to find the best way to extract as much goodness as possible.

What will happen next to our green pal? Playing your cards well – and respecting both history and the potential of this planet, we’ll soon be in a place where sustainability will not only be a trendword but also a true thing. Where we can buy clothes that don’t cost a fortune (literally), and where the morning smoothie is more than just good taste.

Hemp is not a big plant but it has a lot of power. Hemp reminds people that good ideas often have humble roots.

Let’s introduce the hemp plant: a historical underdog, who has evolved into a modern heroine. May we use hemp wisely to eat better, grow more and be healthier.

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