The Sand and the Sea: Discovering the Magic of Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning on the Northern Beaches

Have you ever entered a Northern Beaches residence and instantly been transported back to a cozy, wintery evening, even mid-summer, by the crisp, fresh smell? You’re not always smelling ocean air check this out. It’s a result of regular carpet cleaning done in the northern beaches way!

Ah, beaches. The sun, the waves, and the sneaky grains sand that find their way into your beautiful rugs. What’s that? You vacuum every weekend, you say? That’s cute. The average home vacuum captures only about 85% the dirt on a carpet. What’s left? What’s the rest?

Why is DIY not enough?

Professional carpet cleaners can clean deep, as in, “lost Atlantis” deep. They can even remove dirt your vacuum won’t know exists.

Stains & Spills Whether its red wine, spilled coffee, or the stain that has been lingering since last year’s holiday party, professional cleaners have the know-how and tools to make it vanish!

Allergens Beware – those culprits such as dust mites, pollen and pet hair that make you sneeze? Professionals send them a eviction notice.

Northern Beaches Difference

The homes of our region are faced with a unique set of challenges. Due to its proximity to beaches, carpets face a unique challenge. These three factors can cause carpet fibers not only to degrade, but also to create an ideal environment where mold and mildew can grow. Not to mention the damages caused by unplanned rainstorms that occur when windows are accidentally left open. This is a classic Northern Beaches dance!

What is the value of professional carpet cleaning in all this? What can professional carpet cleaning bring to the table?

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