The Quick Guide to Flood Damage Prevention

It has occurred. The water has surged and your home is now in disarray. Carpet cleaning Mosman, just like quick response to floods is vital. A sprinkle of advice to guide you in these trying times, more bonuses.

1. Prioritise safety:

The two are not best buddies. Turn off the main electricity. Are you wading in water? Rubber boots can be your friends. Don’t forget that safety gloves and goggles aren’t only for the mad scientist.

2. Document, Document, Document:

Use your smartphone or camera. Make sure you take pictures to support your insurance claims. Your soaked belongings can become the unnoticed paparazzi.

3. How to Stop Water Flow

Find the source and try to stop the flood if you can. It may be useful to have buckets or sandbags. Although singing “Rain rain go away” may not be effective as much, it is worth a shot.

4. Time for Relocation:

Transfer items not damaged to a place that is not wet. It’s not fair to subject your antique coffee table to more damage.

5. Water Extraction Extravaganza:

Play superhero! To remove the excess water, use buckets or pumps. You’ll get a good workout. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment (and toned arms!) ).

6. The airing out:

For ventilation, open windows and doors. Also, fans and dehumidifiers are very effective. This is like a new breath of air in your home.

7. The Drydown Process:

You should dry items that are soaked, particularly those with value. You know that photo album from your childhood? Give it some sunshine.

8. Be proactive and take action before mold takes over.

Moisture can breed mold in areas that are damp. To prevent mold, ensure that the area is dried completely. These spores don’t belong in your home.

9. Check-in Professionals

It may be necessary to call the cavalry after you’ve laid the foundation. The professionals, like the carpet cleaners in mosman have special equipment that can restore and save.

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