The Privacy Fence: Five Customization Ideas

For homeowners that want to create a privacy wall with some flair, they have a variety of options. This article gives tips for how to mix different fence designs in order create a privacy barrier that really stands out, visit us!

In recent years, privacy fences are one of the more popular styles for neighborhood fencing. This basic style of cedar fence provides seclusion without compromising on a simplistic, elegant look. It can also become monotonous if you repeat it in every yard.

Many homeowners today are looking for a fence that will give them privacy, but not blend into the background. For those who want to customize their fence, many options are available.

Look around the area for fence designs you find unique or intriguing. Most of the time, some of these designs have elements that are taken from different fences. If you want to create something unique for your home, consider combining aspects of privacy fences that you enjoy.

Here are some great ideas to personalize your privacy fencing:

Privacy fence

The height of the cedar standard privacy fence ranges from six to seven feet and includes boards that are closely fitted. In order to create a flat and smooth top, it is often flat. You can add interest by using dog-ear boards on a simple privacy fence. They create an interesting pattern. You could also try alternating the heights and widths of your boards.

Picture Frame Frame

The privacy fence known as the picture frame is more ornamental. The name is derived from the horizontal rails and vertical posts which surround each fence section. Frames add charm as well as the opportunity for customization. You have the option to select board heights, boards in each frame as well whether the frame matches the boards. Wood trim is another way to decorate a fence made from picture frames.

Lattice Top Fence

The privacy fence that has decorative lattice on top is the lattice-top variation. To create a more interesting semi-privacy, creative homeowners can incorporate lattice sections in the body of their fence. The narrower section of the lattice could be used to frame a picture-frame style fence. Or, you can alternate between solid boards and lattice.

Good Neighbor Fencing

Good Neighbor is a popular alternative to privacy fencing. Good Neighbor is a popular privacy fence that has each board attached alternately on either side of its rail. It is possible to customize the style of this fence by adjusting how wide or small the spaces between board are.

Semi-Privacy Fence

The semi-privacy is ideal for home owners who only want partial privacy. They can still feel safe. These semi-private fences have a shorter height than standard privacy fencing and smaller gaps between the board. Create aesthetically pleasing designs by adjusting board height and gaps. Consider using thin, tall boards. They can be placed anywhere between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch apart. It will seem like the fence has more space with the slots, but the higher height will add the appearance of added privacy.

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