The Most Important Features Your Church Application Must Have

Church apps should have many important components. This is a problem as every church has its own requirements. Even if your church app is in dire need of updating, it is important to remember that it cannot handle the basics. Read more?

If your church has an app, it is important to ensure that all information is current. Your app should contain all details about your church’s ongoing activities. You should include contact information so that internet users can find them easily.

If you stream your content, visitors to your website should have the ability to view your video material. Add buttons to your YouTube or Facebook channels on the homepage. Another way to keep your visitors coming back to your site is to add the latest sermon video to your homepage. Different directions for how to view the movie might be helpful depending on whether members of your community are more tech-savvy.

A welcome page should be created in your church to welcome new members. It is worth considering different approaches for the page’s first greeting. You can get the contact information for churchgoers using everything from digital gift cards to meal delivery services.

The internet is being used more extensively by people. Make the most of this by including information about discipleship in your app. Site visitors will still be benefited even if there are no links to reliable resources.

Many churches have difficulties with their money. The online donation function in your app could encourage users to do business online. Online giving makes it easier for churches to raise donations that will benefit them. Church Helper handles all of these tasks for you, including approving Gift Aid and assisting with tax returns.

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