The Essential Guide to Buying Right Flagpoles: What You Need to Know

This is most likely the first time that you have read this article. It is possible that you are looking to purchase a new flagpole. It can be difficult for you to keep up the pace with all the different options and prices on the Internet. This article will reduce it to 10 questions. Your flagpole shopping process will be much easier once you have answered these questions. Each paragraph also includes a checklist. This wikipedia reference is printable to assist you in your purchase.

1.) Budget. Budget. The short answer? It depends. The cost of a flagpole depends on many factors. Flagpoles on the Internet can cost anywhere from $50 to $2,500. Your budget is the most important factor. You can buy a flagpole kit online for around $100-$300. Make sure you include taxes, shipping and installation fees (or the cost of a steak on the grill if your brother-inlaw has it installed).

What budget do you have for a flagpole purchase? $___________.

2.) Local Codes and Neighborhood Associations. After you have decided on a budget for the project, review any restrictions in your local area or historic districts that could restrict the installation and use of a Flagpole. Google searches the name of your county with the keywords “building codes”, and you can check if your proposed flagpole installation violates codes. Some areas have online documentation. To contact someone who can help, you can always dial the number. These information should also be included in agreements if you belong to local associations. To ensure safety, you can contact the association. If an inground flagpole would not work, you may be able opt for a wall mounted or posted set.

I am not permitted to erect flagpoles.

My area has a limit on the height of _____ flagpoles.

_____ Flagpoles cannot not be used within my community. However, I have the choice to mount a Flagpole on a Wall or a Flag Post.

3.) Construction. Next, choose what type of flagpole to use. The original flagpoles were made out of one-piece materials (typically steel or aluminium). You will still see these flagpoles in modern times, however, they have been replaced mainly by sectional and telescoping versions that are easier to ship, transport, erect, and assemble than their original one-piece counterparts. Sectional flagpoles are often tapered at the ends so they fit perfectly into the section below. The seams are very subtle up close. Each section usually measures between 5-6ft in length. Telescoping flagpoles are gaining popularity for their simplicity in raising and lowering flags, low cost and portability. Your telescoping Flagpole can also be used at tailgate parties and in the RV park if you purchase optional accessories, such deck mounts or wheel stands. Telescoping poles offer many benefits over single-piece, one-piece pieces. They are lightweight so you can take them with you everywhere.

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