Rug Ruckus and the Beachside Carpet: Don’ts

Hi, Northern Beaches neighbors! Now that you have the rug, it’s time to finish your coastal themed living room. Kudos! With great rugs, comes responsibility. Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches can feel like a swim in the ocean. The water is refreshing but there are undercurrents that you should be on the lookout for. Want to know how to safely navigate through the waters of rug cleaning without falling into common traps. Take a ride on those waves – read here?

1. The Soggy No-No of Going Overboard With Water

Avoid the mistake of wetting your rug and expecting it to be spotless.

Real check: An excessive amount of moisture may damage rug fibers. This can lead to color bleeding and the growth of mold and mildew. To avoid mold and mildew, aim to keep the rug damp.

2. Friction Fiasco: the Scrub a Dub Disaster

Error: Scrubbing stubborn stains with vigor.

Reality Check: Abrasive scrubbing can fracture the fibres and spread the stain. You can gently wipe the stain instead. Work from the outer edge of the stain to the center.

3. Potion Problem: A Chemical Overdose

Use strong cleaners in the belief that this is a magic solution.

Reality Check: Harsh chemicals will strip natural colors from rugs and can also damage their fibers. Consider eco-friendly alternatives, especially on our Northern Beaches, which are a haven for nature.

4. Universal Cleaner Myth: There is no universal cleaner

The assumption that you can clean all rugs with the same products.

Reality Check: Rugs have different needs. What might work on a carpet made with synthetic fibres may not be suitable for those of natural fibers. Test a sample and check the label!

5. Waiting Game – Procrastination Nation

It’s a mistake to let stains settle for years before dealing with them.

Reality check: the longer you leave a stain, it becomes harder to remove. Don’t wait too long to act.

6. DIY Delusion – Skipping the Pros

Making the mistake of thinking that DIY fixes can solve all rug issues.

The reality is that it’s often best to leave the job to experts. This goes for expensive or antique rugs. Experts in Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches know how to care for your expensive rug.

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