Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Dryer Won’t Spin

How to proceed whenever your dryer won’t spin? Follow these suggestions to find out if it comes with an easy DIY solution prior to contacting a repair technician.

It is a prevalent problem: You place a lot of wet towels in the dryer, only to find out that your dryer won’t spin. There are a number of problems that could possibly be leading to your dryer to not spin, now how can you figure out the origin of the problem?

Begin by looking regardless of whether your dryer is connected. If it is, look at your signal breaker box to make certain the dryer’s two circuit breakers are generally switched on. When they aren’t, reset them.

If the plug and circuit breakers are fine, look into the dryer’s door switch. Once you near the dryer door, a plastic peg should click and permit the change to start the dryer. If the peg is bent or broken, you’ll have to straighten up or switch the peg. If the peg is okay, the switch is most likely unsuccessful and will have to be swapped out.

In case your dryer starts, however the drum won’t spin, it should be because of one of these common factors.

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  1. Damaged Drive Belt

A damaged drive belt is regarded as the typical reason a dryer won’t spin. To repair this problem, change the drum manually. An operating belt ought to provide some prevention, therefore if the drum turns effortlessly and freely, the belt may perhaps be busted. Unplug your dryer and take off the lid so that you can check the belt to verify that it’s shattered.

  1. Worn Drum Rollers

Most dryers have two drum assistance rollers on the back of the drum, and a few dryers also provide two in the front. If the rollers don’t spin readily, the motor will end up bombarded, and the dryer will minimize. To ascertain whether the drum rollers are exhausted, eliminate the gear from the dryer and switch the drum yourself. If the drum doesn’t spin openly, look into the rollers for wear. If one or even more of the rollers don’t turn freely, it’s a good idea to substitute them all simultaneously.

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  1. Worn Roller Axles

If the drum’s roller axles are exhausted, the drum rollers won’t spin freely, allowing the dryer to avoid. While you’re examining the rollers for wear, check the drum roller axles. If the drum rollers spin openly without having wobbling, the axles are excellent. If the roller wobbles, the axles have to be swapped out.

  1. Worn Drum Glides

The drum glides are little plastic pieces that offer the drum. Once the drum spins, it glides on the drum glides. If the drum glides need replacing, the drum can begin binding, which strains the motor and results in it to shut down. Look at the drum glides for wear and replace them if required.

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