Plastic Surgery on the Wild West

It’s like the Wild West. Sheriffs and outlaws. We’ll all grab a cup of coffee to discuss the issue.

First, let’s do a breakdown. The two main categories of plastic surgery are fixing what’s broken and upgrading existing features resources. Now imagine that you’re bringing your vehicle in to have it repaired or just upgraded.

People can change their look with more options than a restaurant menu. A nose job is available. How about bigger boobs. Yes, you can.

Tetris helps you to transfer body fat. Botox Fillers or other nonsurgical treatments can give you that “zhuzh”, without downtime.

The reasons why people use a needle and knife to cut their skin are complex. Some want to change their past or fix a problem they see in the mirror. Others may seek healing following traumatic life events, such as sever illness or an accident.

Here’s where it gets sticky. Scrolling through Instagram may make you feel as if you have to revamp your look. It can be very tempting to want to emulate Instagram influencers, instead of being your true self.

Robots can also achieve precision humans could only dream of. Robots can achieve precision humans only dreamed of.

Should We, Really?

My two-cents: Instead of watching reality television, it’s best to set realistic goals. Perfectionism is as mythical, illusory, and impossible as unicorns wearing lip gloss.

Do not forget about the access and fairness to this cosmetic enhancement chocolate factory.

It is time to ask how far this rabbit-hole will take us, now that the CRISPR technology has brought us so close to editing genes.

Take a tour through the world plastic surgery. If plastic or cosmetic surgeries are on your mind, but you’re just curious, you should know that the comfort of your skin will always be more important. It is clear you have confidence, as well as a wicked sense of humor.

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