Perfume Collection Maintenance Tips

Each bottle of an exquisite collection will offer a different aroma. How to preserve your fragrance collection is important. Here are some tips for preserving your fragrance collection. Our products.

1. Store your perfumes in an area that is cool and dark.

Perfume is destroyed by light and heat. Store your collection of fragrances in an area that is cool and dark away from excessive heat or sunlight. Keep your scents in a cupboard or perfume storage cabinet.

2. Close tightly all bottles

Close tightly the bottles of perfume after using them. It keeps the oxygen from entering and preserves the aroma. Reinstall the cap or stopper securely.

3. Don’t let the temperature swings affect you:

Temperature affects perfumes. The liquid in the bottles can expand and contract, changing the smell.

4. Humidity Protection:

Keep your collection dry to preserve fragrances. Dry your collection to prolong the life of fragrances.

5. A perfume tray or display stand:

To organize your collection, use a stand or perfume tray. The stands raise the bottles from the ground, which reduces the exposure of the bottle to the elements that affect fragrance and adds elegance to the storage.

6. Rotate Perfumes and Use Them:

To keep your perfumes fresh, rotate and use them. Don’t leave them unused, even when you have multiple scents. Use perfumes regularly to get the most out of them.

7. Think about Shelf-Life

Aromatic fragrance shelf lives vary depending on their composition and concentration. You can check the labels of perfumes for expiration dates.

8. Retain original perfume bottle:

Use genuine perfume bottles as often as possible. Changes in containers expose the scent to light and air, which can reduce its quality.

9. Store bottles upright:

To prevent leaks, store perfume bottles vertically to preserve the seal. It also ensures that the aroma is evenly distributed throughout the entire bottle.

10. Optional perfume refrigeration:

For those who are willing to do more, the fridge can help keep fragrances fresher. But seal them to stop moisture entering.

Finally, to care for your collection of perfumes, you must be careful with storage, temperature management and sealing. The methods below will allow you to preserve and enjoy your fragrances.

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