Oil Purification Systems and Its Applications

These systems offer affordable solutions to industries. In some cases they can generate revenues by being lent out. Green technology, which has barely been noticed and brought into focus by the major industrial sectors. Oil doesn’t actually die, but people aren’t aware of this. Oil is not dead. It’s merely contaminated.

You can purify it or recycle it, find out more?

It is easy to contaminate 1 million gallons or more of water with toxic waste from just one oil change. Environmental Protection Agency issued guidelines to help manage, reuse and recycle old oil. These are necessary because global climate is getting worse. North Americans are the only ones who consume nearly 19 million barrels per day. The waste oil that is produced from this consumption makes up an important part of it. Nearly 50% of the world’s oil consumption comes from industry. The chemical composition of waste oil determines whether it is handled as hazardous or not. Recyclable oil purification system can change everything.

A further problem is that manufacturers don’t recognize the benefits of oil purification. The number of industrial units that believed in oil re-use and restoration was only 5% until 2012. However, thanks to the research and awareness created, it has increased significantly. A chain reaction of savings can be seen due to the benefits that oil purification technologies bring. Recycled waste oil means that factories don’t need to spend money on hauling it away.

Onsite oil purification impacts downtime. Whenever equipment is repaired, contaminated oil is the primary cause. This can cost thousands per hour. Purification system act as a dialysis for industrial equipment. These systems are on wheels or carts that can easily be transported to other equipment, such as pumps and turbines. It is a process that cleans oil and returns it to its near original state. Purification systems save money on a number of different levels for various industries.

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