LPN to RN Online: Basic Information

LPN training is a great opportunity for people who want to be nurses, but cannot commit to the long-term studies of three to four years in university. Many people can afford the one-year training. The disadvantage of LVN program (license vocational nurses as they are called in some states), is that it has fewer job opportunities than a registered nursing. LPN to RN programs have become increasingly popular among licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who aspire to take their nursing careers to the next level.

They also do not earn as much as RNs. The launch of LPN-RN online programs at many higher education institutions, such as Excelsior College, has given licensed practicing nurses who are unhappy with their salaries or want to advance in their careers the opportunity to enroll in nursing degree courses.

Online programs offer LPNs a variety of benefits. You can earn a BSN online if you’re a licensed practicing nurse who wants to become a registered nurse, but don’t want to go through the university’s crowded halls. You can study from the comfort of home with an online program. Save money on transportation costs by not having to go to school everyday. You can also combine your household duties with your studies, since you’ll be studying at home.

You can continue working while you complete the online LPN-to-RN program. Since you can complete the program when it suits you, there is no need to quit your job. You will have to plan the program so that it fits your schedule.

The online LPN-RN program is different from other online programs in some respects. Although you can study at home, you may be required to perform some practicals. It is unlikely that the practical will take place at your home. The practical must be done at the venue.

Before you register for the online LPN to RN program, you need to consider certain factors. You should first check the accreditation of the institution you are interested in registering with. Only a certificate issued by an accredited institution can be accepted. Accreditation must be granted by a competent authority. If you don’t want to waste time and money, enroll in the LPN-to-RN online program at an accredited institution. You can be sure that you will receive a quality education through licensed online schools, as they must meet strict academic standards before accreditation is granted.

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