Location Intelligence: Important Support For Mineral Exploration

The ability to identify, analyze and develop the main assets of the natural resource sector is dependent on technical data. The location of an asset is crucial in mineral exploration. The importance of location intelligence has been demonstrated in the mineral exploration business. A comprehensive location intelligence system allows companies to pinpoint the location of the highest resource concentration. Location intelligence technology allows researchers and mineral exploration scientists to make more precise decisions. This results in better use of time and money.

Location geospatial intelligence solutions enable mineral technical staffs to use data from multiple sources to create a single geospatial environment and then give the analytical tools needed to interpret the data. Satellite sensors that have multiple waveband colors allow scientists to interpret the short, near, and long wave infrared waves to determine earth’s various structural characteristics. Thematic mapping and multispectral imaging allow for the collection and analysis of various properties such as soil, rock, and vegetation. These data can be used to determine the composition of soils and clays in satellite images. Researchers and scientists can find exact resources with location intelligence.

Location intelligence can be used to find new mineral deposits. Data from many sources, including satellite images, geophysical images, and geologic maps, can be compiled in formats that allow them all to be combined for important results. GIS can also be used by scientists and researchers for data collection, analysis as well as reporting, management and forecasting. They can gather field data electronically with GPS receivers, and can download other data sets from the Internet. All the data can be combined, manipulated, and analyzed using location intelligence tools. There are many applications that can be used to manage borehole data. You can create geological cross sections using data such as elevation, geophysics and geochemistry. It will result in more accurate data and analysis, which will enable management to make better business and exploration decisions and give the company a competitive edge.

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