Hardwood Floors Can Still Be Beautiful If They Are Well Maintained

Hardwood is still a popular choice for homeowners. Hardwood is very easy to maintain. Hardwood can easily be refinished several times more than laminate or engineered wood. This will not just add beauty and warmth to your house for many years but also increase your home’s market value and speed up the sale. To keep hardwood looking its best, you must look at this.

1. Hardwood floor cleaning

2. Hardwood flooring replacement

3. Hardwood floor renovation

4. Hardwood floor protection

You can clean your hardwood every day

It is essential to know how hardwood floors need to be cleaned. Dirt and grime may cause damage and even permanent scarring. Also, hardwood floors are more visible than carpets and linoleum. This is especially true if the floor is in direct sunlight or has a dark stained finish. Wood floor care includes dusting your floors twice a month and getting rid of any dirt and grit. Damage can result from regular household dusting. You should only use hardwood-specific cleaners. Vacuuming rather than sweeping allows dirt and dust to be removed from between boards. You should use a vacuum that is completely bare and not a beaterbar attachment. This could cause harm to the wood.

If you need to clean your floor more thoroughly, choose a method that suits it. Your floor may be glossy due to the fact that polyurethane, water-based urethane and/or other finishes have been applied to the hardwood to provide a protective layer. A matte floor means that oil and wax have penetrated the floor. Water is not an acceptable cleaning agent for either of these finishes. Both can however accept damp-mop cleaning. Only the surface of the hardwood is being cleaned. To clean an oil or waxed floor with a damp mop, add a little hardwood floor cleaner with neutral pH to the water. A glossy barrier protects the floor and allows you to use a generic hardwood-floor cleaning product.

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