Hardwood Flooring Tips, Tricks and Advice

Hardwood flooring is one of most durable and beautiful types available. Hardwood floor installation is not an easy task read this. Even though installing hardwood flooring isn’t something that you can easily do on Saturday, there are a few tips to make it easier.

If you plan to install a floor, it is essential that your surface be dry, completely flat and clean. If you don’t have a level surface to install the wood floor, you will not get satisfactory results.
Installing hardwood floors is made easier by stacking your flooring in your house a few days before the project.
When installing a new floor, add an extra layer of asphalt felt. It will protect your substrate, and make it easier for you to install.
Include in your plan a circular or table saw. It will be easier for you to cut the board into the desired length.
Be sure that the joints of one row are not closer than 6 inches to those of the neighboring rows. Also, ensure that the length of each end piece on your chosen row is at least 8 inches.
Installing hardwood over a large area is a great time to invest in an electric wooden floor nailer. Not doing it correctly can damage the surface.
It’s a great idea to use a reducer if your wood flooring will be touching a floor below. People can trip on even the slightest change in elevation.

Installation of wood flooring, while a DIY task, can be difficult for beginners. You can damage your flooring. The unevenness of the floor or the irregularity of the room can make it hard to work. The benefits of professional installation are still available, and you can save money. If you do it correctly, then you’ll save money. Otherwise, you may make a mistake that requires you to replace the flooring or hire someone to remove your work and refit it.

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