Finding a Plastic Surgery specialist

You may have a difficult time finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon. It is important to not underestimate the difficulty of this job. You should also ask for your friends’ opinions. Unluckily, many of your close friends will not be familiar with the results by clicking here.

When you speak to someone who works in medicine, say your family doctor or a colleague, it is likely that they will refer to a surgeon on the basis of his/her personality, their friendship, rather than abilities. Many people only use the term “hospital based” plastic surgeons who specialize in reconstruction.

You should ask the plastic surgeon for how much time they spend performing your desired cosmetic procedure. You should choose a doctor who is well-versed in plastic surgery and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Joyce D. Nash claims that although these boards sound impressive, their value may not be very high. She is author of “What Your Doctor Couldn’t Say about Cosmetic Surgery”.

Don’t hesitate to check the certification. Never trust a physician that hasn’t been certified by ABPS. In many metro directories you will only find two-thirds of plastic surgeons who are American Board of Plastic Surgery Certified. There are some directories that list physicians without formal training in the section for plastic surgeons.

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