Family Time and Meal Management

Time is like money to me. I want to make the most of my time. It was particularly important for us when we both taught and had two pre-school-aged children. It would have been wonderful to be able to spend my entire time reading books, cooking delicious meals, and playing with my children. But that was not possible, recommended site.

Solution: Weekly menu planning, remembering that meat must be removed from the freezer before school starts in the morning, and everyone sharing the responsibility for meal preparation and dish washing. Because of school-related projects and sports, my husband wasn’t able to help as much.

Meal preparation was a wonderful way to teach my children many things. I was able to learn everything they were thinking about as they stirred.

The television was not at our table, so it was easy for us to avoid distractions when we were eating. A CBS News survey on January 12, 2010, found that 33% of families eat while texting, e-mailing, or watching TV. It is easier to manage with children younger than you, so a family rule might be more appropriate.

Sometimes, we had to adjust the mealtimes to accommodate Dad’s refereeing and coaching schedules. When he was out of town, it was time to make a few kids recipes. We ate lots of mac ‘n cheese and goulash at these times. Kurt was able to sit at the top of the table as his father. It was something I believed it was important to have a consistent schedule.

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