Fake moldavites: How many are being sold to?

I was curious as to how many fake moldavites were being offered for sale and at what prices, or, in other words, how many people are being conned.

Its popularity and accessibility to useful analytical tools prompted me to use eBay. To make sure I was certain, I only selected sellers selling obvious knock-recommended site.

eBay offers many analytical tools. Terapeak is the most popular. It includes data about all sellers as well as the items that were sold. Terapeak does have one drawback: anonymity. It is impossible to choose one seller and view the items for sale as well as their prices.

My analysis was done using MyStoreAnalyst. The analytical tool allows users to examine any seller in detail and view details about each item sold or unsold (with the option to filter). This tool allows you to see the turnover of any eBay seller and the number of items that were sold.

eBay has some amazing gems, I joke. I was astonished to see that there were multi-color moldavites available for purchase – in every color of the rainbow! There are many colors to choose from: a blue, red, and even yellow moldavites. What are the colors of real moldavites in

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