Carpet Tales, Busting Myths And Setting The Record Straight

Ah, carpets! In our homes, carpets serve many purposes read more. From adding style and warmth to our flooring, they also add comfort. They are a plush addition to any home, but they also come with a lot of myths. Enter Rugs Cleaning Northern Beaches. Their years of experience allow them to remove all the fictions from the carpet and expose the real truths. Let’s unravel this myth one fiber and then another.

1. “New carpets do not need to be cleaned!”
The same as saying your sweater isn’t dirty until it appears to be. Even if new carpets appear to be pristine, they can contain dust or preservatives that were used during manufacturing. You can make sure your new carpets are truly fresh by giving them a gentle clean.

2. Carpets shrink after cleaning
There is some truth in this statement (poorly completed cleaning and excessive water can cause shrinkage), but professionals know how to do it. If done correctly, your carpet will still look as lovely and expansive after the cleaning.

3. Carpets are worn out by frequent cleaning!
The dirt and grit that accumulates can act as sandpaper to your carpet fibres, causing them to wear out. Regular gentle cleaning will remove these abrasive particles and prolong the life span of your carpet.

4. “Vacuuming on Your Own is Enough!”
Brushing is what dental care is all about. Vacuuming is essential but not all-encompassing. Deep cleaning is the only way to get a truly holistic clean.

5. “All cleaning methods are the same!”
The list of carpet cleaning methods is long. Each method has advantages, suitable for different carpet types or dirt levels. Not all carpets are created equal.

6. You can do the same thing yourself!
DIY carpet cleaning can be done, but professional carpet cleaners are a completely different experience. Professionals will bring specialized detergents, equipment, and knowledge to your carpet, giving it the royal treatment that it deserves.

7. “If it Looks Clean It is Clean!”
There are two types of cleaning: surface clean and deep clean. Even if the stain is gone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all bacteria and allergens will be too. An effective clean can be seen as well as unseen.

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