Beautiful Flower Gardens to Visit in Thailand

It is a must to visit their gardens when planning an excursion to Thailand. It will amaze you by the stunning Thai gardens, find out more?

Most gardens can be located within Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai provinces. The mountain ranges in these provinces provide the perfect habitat for the variety of species of flowers and plants you can think of. There are gardens that can be located in towns or along the beaches. Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, one of Chiang Mai’s finest gardens. The garden houses 12 greenhouses, numerous nature trails, and a myriad of breathtaking waterfalls. It showcases Thailand’s diverse landscape as well as the endless reforestation. Dokmai Garden in Chian Mai is a botanic garden. Chian Mai is owned by the Seehamongkol Family owns it privately and opened the garden up to the general public in January 2009. The garden is dotted with rows of flowering plants and other flowers that have no name in the garden. The restaurant is available to those who want to eat or need a cup of coffee after spending all day in the stunning landscape. The bookshop is available to those who are interested in books on gardening and antiques. Dong Tung, the province of Chiang Rai’s gardens. It was once the residence of the Thai Princess Mother. The garden is decorated with an Swiss as well as a European design. Its Mae Fa Lung Garden is only a couple of kilometers away the Mae Fa Lung Garden, which is brimming with tropical plants and European flowers.

In Rayon In Rayon, the Sopha Botanical Garden merges beachside with classic garden themes. The garden is home to the largest diversity of Thai plants as well as teak tree homes. Nong Nooch’s tropical garden is a tranquil oasis situated within Pattaya which is a renowned and crowded beach located in Thailand. The garden is the largest collection of cycads palms and orchids. There are many other gardens to be found in Thailand that have different designs.

There is no time to be bored when you’re in Thailand because of the numerous gardens you can visit. The Thais are awestruck by nature. can be seen in the gardens. It is certain that Thailand will keep working to conserve and increase their biodiversity.

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