Astrology and medical remedies – Change your life for the better with effective remedies

Vedic Astrology, also known as Vedic science in India, is a deeply rooted Indian tradition that can be applied almost anywhere article source. One example is in medicine.

Medical Astrology helps you not only to know your health status but also to anticipate future problems.

If all other medical remedies fail to help, the medical astrology will provide you with relief.

Medical astrology can be used to predict the most vulnerable times for an individual.

Indian astrology can help us understand the impact yogas can make on your health. Some yogas may be good for you, but some can also cause problems. It is possible to be vulnerable when certain yogas are run, transits of planets or events are deemed unauspicious. Other words, the health is not affected.

The health of each planet is similar to that of the other nine.

A weak Sun could cause headaches, heart troubles or even heart attacks. In a similar way to the Moon’s influence, one might feel irritable often or be calm. Mars is connected to accidents, surgeries, and other similar events. Mercury is the planet responsible for intelligence. This can cause issues with the skin, throat and voice.

Jupiter is connected to obesity and diabetics. Saturn can also be associated with long term conditions like dental problems and long term illnesses.

Each house, like the planets in their own right, has a relationship to specific parts of your body. It can also be connected with diseases.

The first house is a sign of longevity and overall health. The second, however, represents the throat and right eye. It represents also the arms, shoulders, and ears of the third home.

The Medicinal Astrology of Remedies

Medicinal Astrology utilizes remedies that aim to please a God, Goddess or increase the impact of a certain planet. You might also want to focus on reducing any negativity brought about by a certain transit or yogic practice.

Mantras may also be used in medical astrology. Or, gemstone therapy can be used to enhance an aura’s power, as in the case of replacing a gem that is less powerful with another. These remedies can treat any condition that a person might have.

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