Are you secure by your site?

Internet security is a problem which has been in existence since the beginning of time. The threats are becoming more numerous and prevalent in the current technological time. It is essential to be alert to potential security risks, particularly with numerous new attack methods that are being discovered every day.

Take these steps to ensure a secure website: continue?

Individual Protection through a Security website

It is recommended that users update their antivirus definitions to ensure they are using the latest software. For extra security you should make sure you use secure passwords and update frequently.

Make sure your website is secure

The system administrators of our company monitor our servers and networks 24 hours a day to identify security threats. We constantly analyze and track malicious activities across all countries. Your site will be visible and safe.

It’s important to be aware that your website could be vulnerable to various malicious attacks. This includes Cross-site Scripting attack (XSS), SQL Injections and inclusion Vulnerabilities, Brute Force Attacks and more.

Make changes to your CMS

Content management systems, like WordPress Joomla Magento Drupal, and many others, are utilized for the creation of many websites. They all come with various themes from third parties as well as plugins and add-ons that are easily installed for improved the functionality of a website. Unfortunately, this is the way through which vulnerabilities can be found, created and later used to gain access. For your site to be secure it is recommended to apply the most recent updates. We suggest that you turn on automatic updates if your CMS permits it. It will then update your site automatically when new versions become available.

Secure Passwords

Even if you’ve recently changed your password it’s still possible to breach it through the use of force or by cracking. These guidelines will assist you to select a password that is secure.

The password must contain at minimum 10 characters (the greater the number, the more secure).

A minimum of one person should belong to each of the groups.

Lower-case letter (a-z)

Upper-case letter (A-Z)

Number (0-9)

Common Symbol %; &; +; ?)

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