An Overview of Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

The backbone of any Small Business is Local Seo. And this is true. Why? The secret weapon of growing regional business scale. Small businesses, large and small, are all looking for ways to grow. Visit local seo Cincinnati before reading this.

Local SEO for small business is crucial because it targets a local or regional area. This national SEO will help your business to be competitive with global ranking competitors. For those businesses who want to expand their digital presence with an audience “nearby”, local seo can be chosen. As an example, say you run a business in the bakery industry and someone does a search for “best bakeries near me”; local SEO will make your results visible, giving better exposure to leads, websites, and customs.

According to data from wordstream, 35 % of the total search traffic originates locally. If you don’t believe me, just trust my words! It’s possible that your company is losing a large amount of traffic. Local SEO is a great way to compete with larger companies that rely heavily on branding and brand recognition to drive traffic.

If you want to attract more visitors and customers to your small business website, then here are 5 top ways to improve local SEO right now.

1. Google My Business Account

Enhance your Google business profile. This method is likely to be one of most successful and efficient ways of increasing the rank of your Google Maps website. It’s beneficial to increase your visibility in Google local search. Google My Business accounts are required to be able to optimize your Google Profile. Once you’ve registered a Google My Business account, it is time to fill out your profile. You can see all the information you entered in your local searches.

After optimising your Google profile, there are some things to consider.

Make a GMB profile and prove your ownership
Update your information to reflect the latest updates.
Make sure your customer reviews your profile.
Return to every customer in a courteous and professional manner.
Post all of the relevant content and information

2. Reviews and positive comments from customers

Customer service is the key to any successful business. Your account is impacted by the feedback of your customers. Get your customers writing glowing reviews of your business will not only optimize your Google My Business appearance, it’ll also encourage local customers to make purchases from you.

The best way to receive positive reviews from clients

Each person should be asked to provide their own feedback.
Do not forget to respond to the reviews you have received in a courteous manner.
You can send an email asking your clients to “please give us feedback”.

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